How Do You Get Great Lengths hair extensions out?

How are the hair extensions removed? Great Lengths hair extensions must always be removed by one of our certified stylists. For GL Pre-bonded, the stylist will use a specially formulated Great Lengths removal gel.

How do I remove Great Lengths extensions at home?

‘Separate the bonded hair extension from all the surrounding hair and apply the keratin remover to the bond. Work it in for a few seconds. Next, get your pliers and gently clamp down on the bond – squeezing it until it breaks. You should then be able to slide the hair extension down off the hair.

How do you get rid of great length bonds?


  1. Apply Great Lengths bond ex gel to keratin bonds (which doesn’t affect the natural hair) . …
  2. Use the great lengths removal tool which simply breaks down the keratin bond gently. . …
  3. Remove excess keratin with fingers and .
  4. BAMMMM ✨ hair is left plump and not damaged!

What is the easiest way to remove hair extensions?

Use either almond oil, coconut oil, baby oil, olive oil, or a hair salon product specifically for removing extensions. Dab or gently rub the oil into the extension bond and wait for the bond to break down. The oil needs time to seep into the bonds to break them down.

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How are great lengths extensions attached?

Great Lengths Hair Extensions are attached to your natural hair using an exclusive premium bond. This bond has the ability to expand and contract mimicking the human hair it’s bonded to, which means there is shedding and fallout. Great Lengths last longer and look better and more natural than any other brand.

Are Great Lengths hair extensions damaging?

THE SHORT ANSWER IS NO, GREAT LENGTHS WILL NOT DAMAGE YOUR HAIR, WHEN APPLIED CORRECTLY BY AN EXPERTLY TRAINED PROFESSIONAL. Our unique bond is designed to mimic the structure of your natural hair. It is lightweight and flexible, allowing the extensions to work in harmony with your natural hair, never against it.

Can you bleach Great Lengths hair extensions?

YES, you can colour 100% remy human hair extensions. … (Learn more about Great Lengths gentle de-pigmentation and colouring process here.) As with natural hair, chemicals can strip and damage human hair extensions.

How long does it take to remove hair extensions?

How long does the removal process take? I had a three quarters head of extensions and the removal process took about an hour, with the wash and blowdry at the end. If you’re having extensions taken out and refitted, expect a longer wait of two hours.

When should you remove hair extensions?

1. When do you remove? This depends on the type of hair extensions you have, how fast your own hair grows and ultimately how well you have properly looked after them. To give you and example pre-bonded hair extensions we recommend removing after around 3 to 4 months as the bonds will have grown down your own hair.

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How long does it take to get extensions removed?

It can take a professional 1-2 hour for removal so expect it to take longer if you are doing it for yourself. 5. The longer the extensions are in the easier the keratin breaks down, but the tangling may be worse if they have been in for a long time.

Is Great Lengths real hair?

Great Lengths chooses to source hair directly to provide the highest quality 100% Indian Remy human hair that is guaranteed to be ethically sourced and traceable, making it unique in the extension industry.

Can you swim with Great Lengths hair extensions?


How long do Great Lengths last?

They can last between six to eight weeks and if well maintained they can be re-taped up to three times. Tapes are a more temporary application option.” Can you colour your hair wearing Great Lengths extensions?