Where Do Great Lengths hair extensions come from?

The hair used in our hair extensions is 100% virgin Remy, human hair sourced from India, the world’s largest exporter of human hair. Indian women cut off and donate their hair several times in their life. All of our hair comes from these voluntary donations deriving from a religious practice called tonsuring.

Where do hair extensions really come from?

While there is an exception to every rule, most human hair extensions come from live human beings, collected mostly in India (especially southern India), Malaysia, Cambodia, and China. Key words: “Virgin Remi”. “Remy” or “Remi” – different spelling, same thing.

Where do the best hair extensions come from?

The majority of human hair used in wigs and extensions comes from India and China.

Where did Russian hair originate?

This hair is collected from villages in Russia. The women do not colour or perm their hair as much and can grow over a metre long hair which is healthy, shiny and beautiful.

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Are great lengths worth it?

Once you follow these steps, your extensions will last and look great. Price is also an issue. The price of these extensions differ from person to person due to the length and volume that they need. While I can’t give the price here, I will say, they are not as expensive as you think.

What is Peruvian hair made from?

Both Peruvian hair and Brazilian hair are 100% virgin remy hair, comes available in a wide range of colors and lengths, and very popular among African-American women.

What is human hair wig made of?

Human hair wigs are made out of real human hair so they look and feel real, but they also have to be re-styled after washing just like real hair.

What kind of extensions do the Kardashians use?

Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s Favorite Extensions! – Glam Seamless Hair Extensions.

Do hair extensions cause hair loss?

Hair extensions are a great way to add extra volume to your hair or enhance your natural length, but they are often surrounded by one question – do hair extensions cause hair loss? The short answer is no – by themselves, hair extensions do not cause hair loss.

Which country sells the best human hair?

In 2019, Hong Kong was the largest exporter of raw human hair worldwide, with exports amounting to 30.2 million U.S. dollars, followed by India with exports valued at about 19 million U.S. dollars. The United States exported human hair worth approximately 945,000 U.S. dollars in 2019.

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Why do Russians have hair extensions?

Russian micro ring hair extensions are ideal for those looking for a more permanent solution. The benefit of Russian hair extensions for this is that the hair will last longer than any other type. Our micro ring hair extensions are also damage-free helping to protect both your natural hair and your hair extensions.

What’s the difference between Russian and European hair extensions?

The European hair is especially suitable for those having extremely fragile or fine hair. The natural wave of the hair looks soft and tender when it falls on the sides of the face. … A little heavier than European hair, Russian hair extensions are meant for those who have naturally thick hair.

Where does Slavic hair come from?

The term “Slavic hair” usually means “virgin Slavic hair”. This is natural undyed/untreated hair, which is collected from children and girls in Ukraine and Russia.

How long does Great Lengths hair last?

They can last between six to eight weeks and if well maintained they can be re-taped up to three times. Tapes are a more temporary application option.” Can you colour your hair wearing Great Lengths extensions?

Can you swim with Great Lengths hair extensions?


How long do Great Lengths bond extensions last?


Great Lengths pre-bonded extensions can last 4-6 months. GL Tapes can last 4-8 weeks. Upon removal, they can be re-used.