Can you use a tanning bed after laser hair removal?

Adverse reactions can include hyper-pigmentation, burns, and even scarring. This is why we caution to avoid sun exposure or tanning for two weeks before and two weeks after any laser hair removal treatment.

Can you use sunbeds after laser hair removal?

Avoid sun exposure after laser hair removal treatments

After your treatment, your skin will be sensitive and will need time to heal. Excessive exposure to UV rays at this time risks damage to your skin, so it’s highly advisable to avoid sunbathing and tanning beds.

How soon can you tan after laser hair removal?

Following a laser hair removal procedure, you do need to avoid the sun for at least 7-10 days – otherwise, you risk the chance of pigment problems in the treatment areas and other adverse events such as a heat rash.

What happens if you go tanning after laser hair removal?

You should also avoid tanning beds for at least six weeks prior to your treatment, and several weeks after. If you have recently been exposed to sunlight or tanning beds, the risk of burning, scarring, or skin damage during laser hair removal increases and can put you at unnecessary risk.

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How do sunbeds affect laser hair removal?

A different wavelength is used that does not absorb into melanin in the same way. We would strongly recommend you do not use sunbeds if you are considering laser hair removal. Developing a tan during your course can have a major impact on your results. You may end up needing more treatments because of this.

Can I tan a week after laser hair removal?

After you have had laser hair removal done, you should also avoid sun exposure for about two weeks. This gives your treated skin a chance to heal while also reducing your risk of having hyperpigmentation or other problems occur. Remember that even if your skin does not look tanned, it is still being exposed to UV rays.

Can I have a sunbed before laser hair removal?

Avoid any tanning. Suntan and sunbeds are equally dangerous if you allow your skin to tan before your laser treatment. As if your skin is tanned, the laser can burn the surface. Leave at least 4 weeks before getting you laser treatment if your skin is tanned.

What should you not do after laser hair removal?

Post Care

  1. Redness & Bumps are normal. …
  2. Cleanse the area treated gently. …
  3. No makeup & lotion/moisturizer/deodorant for the first 24 hours. …
  4. Dead hairs will begin to shed 5-30 days after your treatment. …
  5. Exfoliate to speed up hair shedding. …
  6. Avoid the sun. …
  7. Do not pick/scratch/wax/thread/tweeze the area. …
  8. Hair growth varies.